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Well, I suppose this was inevitable:

At, the No. 2 most-searched-for term (right between BBC and NPR) is porn. At Leyden's site, six of the top 20 shows are adult-oriented. And at Apple's behemoth iTunes store, "Open Source Sex" is No. 11 and climbing. From the breathy erotica of "Pod Porn" to the subdued interviews of "SexGeeks," mature programming for the iPod can be titillating, educational or sometimes both, and it is spreading fast.

Teflon's Law of Information Technology: Every advance in information technology is met with a concurring advance in ways to use it to transmit porn.


Blogger Vigilis said...

Sadly, your clever Teflon's Law does not yet apply to foodstuffs transmission. That would involve a necessity. It will be interesting to see which lawyers do and do not offer their bipartisan support for taxing internet porn, and how such enormous revenue might initially be allocated, don't you think?

4:55 PM  

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