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Is America Still A God-Fearing Nation?

Oh yes, according to a Baylor University study:

IS AMERICA GETTING MORE SECULAR? Not according to a new survey on Americans' religious beliefs, "American Piety in the 21st Century," published this month by Baylor University. According to the Baylor survey, 82 percent of Americans are Christians, 90 percent believe in God, 70 percent pray regularly, and half attend church at least once a month.

If Baylor is correct, Americans are demographically as religious, and as Christian, as they ever have been. But their denominational affiliations have become somewhat less structured. Less likely now to be Methodist or Lutheran, they are drifting towards more informal forms of evangelical Christianity.

There's great news for conservatives in this, since the drift is notably away from churches that have become more left-wing and secular and toward the more conservative evangelical churches.

Of course, the GOP will only benefit to the extent that they stop treating the truly religious as mildly-retarded distant relations.


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