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Complete the Thought:

Never again in my life: will I ride in the back of a pickup truck to the beach without telling my parents. Because when I woke up in the hospital with road rash on my face, conversation was... awkward.

When I was five: I was taller, smarter and more mature than the other kids. And I could read very well. I felt odd about that, and a bit of an outcast.

High School was: a long, slow blur. Like a coming-of-age indie film. Think "Reality Bites" or "Freaks and Geeks" but with lower production values and less interesting locations. And more stunts.

I will never forget: the look on my husband's face as I entered the doorway at our wedding. He literally stepped back and said, "Wow!" Simultaneously, my niece squealed, "Auntie!" Her face grew large and excited. She jumped up and down. If I could only bottle that and sell it.

I once met: Dustin Hoffman. Well, I really just saw him from afar at "Beauty & The Beast" on Broadway. He was there with his kids. He's really short.

There's this girl I know who: is... a girl... ? I don't know what you're driving at here. I have a million stories about a million girls but now that you've asked me, they've all evaporated. I did use' to know this girl who would fall out cold when she was drinking. Mid-sentence. She fell off a chair once during a game of pool. In a crowded bar. It was kinda' funny. In a sad way. Does that qualify?

By noon I'm usually: starving; I eat lunch around 11 am.

Last night I: worked out; ate a fabulous Portuguese dinner made by my darling husband; read "Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales" (circa 1913); watched part of "Guys and Dolls" starring Frank Sinatra.

Next time I go to church: it will be for our weekly RCIA meeting. I will learn more and more about the Catholic Faith and reflect on how wonderful this time in my life is; how I can effectively pray for the other people in our fledgling group (especially one member who is coming without his wife -- they have been married for a little over a year and she is 3 months pregnant. He wants to embrace Catholicism, she is steadfastly Baptist). I will thank God that I have finally found my place in His kingdom. I will be incredibly thankful that the Priests and Deacon are all honorable, thoughtful and trustworthy men.
Next Sunday Mass, I will pay close attention to the people around me and wait with great joy and anticipation for the opportunity to go up front and be blessed by our kind and gentle Priest with the sign of the cross on my forehead. I will long for the Easter Vigil when we will be accepted into the Church and have our first Eucharist.

What worries me most: that I will not truly live every minute and make the most of my potential; that I will fail to do my duty as a child of God. Oh, and a squirrel uprising.

When I turn my head right, I see: my office phone and corner window. The wall is sunny yellow, a color I chose for this office when my company built it. Even when it's cold and gray and rainy, it's cozy inside.

When I turn my head left, I see: my filing set, another window, another sunny wall.

You know I'm lying when: I don't lie. No really, I don't. I'll try to get halfway through a lie and then stop. Or crack a smile and bust out laughing. I can't go through with it. Makes me feel icky.

If I was a character written by Shakespeare, I'd be: *sigh of self-deprecating resignation* Ophelia. Or Katherine. Or maybe...

You scored: 0 evilness, 72 romance, 27 tragic, and 36 comic!

Nick Bottom is an Athenian weaver and acts the part of Pyramus in a play in "A Midsummer Night's Dream." Bottom loves the sound of his own voice and believes that he is the best actor, even though he often confuses words. Through magic, he is given an ass's head and becomes the object of affection of Titania through a love

By this time, next year: I hope to be expecting (or already a Mommy). I will already be a stay-at-home wifey and will have a well-run house (that is fully landscaped and has all interiors painted!). We're well on our way to all goals.

A better name for me would be: I really can't think of a better name. I think my name suits me just perfectly.

I have a hard time understanding: mean, manipulative people. And people who don't care about learning new things. And people who like Spam.

If I ever go back to school I'll: get my Master's in Children's Literature or Theology.

You know I like you if: I pick on you mercilessly.

Darwin, Mozart, Slim Pickens & Geraldine Ferarro are: shortsighted; brilliant; funny sounding; and WAY overrated, respectively.

Take my advice, NEVER: pierce the cartilage in your upper ear with a home piercing kit. Which was not spring-loaded. And was administered by a half-lit trailer dweller named Belinda. It will hurt. And will cause a near-blackout.

My ideal breakfast is: 24/7, 365. LOOOOOOVE breakfast food. Any of it. Irish oatmeal with brown sugar and cream; yogurt and fruit with All Bran Buds; Weetabix with vanilla soy milk and dried cranberries; brown bread with honey and butter; buttermilk pancakes with warm (Grade B) maple syrup; cherry blintzes with cream cheese; Southern biscuits with white sausage gravy; a really good sharp cheddar cheese omelette with hot salsa and dill; and a really, really good cup of strong, sweet coffee.

A song I love, but do not have is: "Little Green Bag" by The George Baker Selection.

If you visit my hometown, I suggest: riding the country roads and waving at the cows.

Why won't anyone: own up to the responsibilities of their own behavior? FOR THE LOVE OF PETE, PEOPLE! GET IT TOGETHER.

If you spend the night at my house, DO: expect breakfast. It will be cooked for you. We've discussed this.

I'd stop my wedding for: nothing. Except maybe bodily harm. Or a natural disaster.

The world could do without: bubble skirts. And Paris Hilton.

I'd rather lick the belly of a cockroach than: be stuck in traffic.

My favorite blonde is: my 3-year-old niece with the bouncing curls.

Paperclips are more useful than: bobbypins. But harder to remove. Ouch.

And by the way: You look really cute today. No matter what the mirror says.

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Blogger Missy said...

I want to spend the night at your house. Will you make all of those things for breakfast? Pleeeease?

BTW, congratulations on RCIA--what a huge committment. I'll remember you in my prayers.

7:48 AM  
Blogger WordGirl said...

Aw... Thanks!

And yes, I am a breakfast-making MACHINE! Just recently made Eggs Benedict (with smoked salmon instead of canadian bacon) for Tef. Got to make the hollandaise over the double boiler and everything. Yummy fun.

9:18 AM  

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