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Most Overrated

Our buddy Bulldog Pundit over at the Ankle-Biters has a great list topic up concerning the most overrated things.

Here's my list of 25, in no particular order:

1. George Lucas - Isn't it interesting how much better Star Wars movies are with less involvement from him?
2. Michael Vick - The most-feared mediocre quarterback in the NFL.
3. Nancy Pelosi - Quick, name a Democrat policy innovation put forth in the 2006 campaign. Fooled ya---there aren't any. Pelosi's the reason why.
4. Sacha Cohen - Try walking into a mosque and doing your "Borat" schtick, friend--then I'll call you brave.
5. The New York Times - Boring, inaccurate, biased, and utterly predictable. I quite literally don't get The Times---the last copy I purchased was specifically for the purpose of wrapping fish.
6. Grey's Anatomy - With all those doctors running round, couldn't somebody make the anorexic girl eat a sandwich, take an IV, something?
7. Tina Fey - I can't name one truly funny SNL sketch during her tenure. Not one.
8. Al Gore - What was his appeal to Democrats again? That he didn't have Astroturf put down in his El Camino?
9. Ashton Kutcher. Is dumb really the new black?
10. Paris Hilton - Ditto.
11. John Kerry - Ditto.
12. Tom Cruise - Ditto.
13. David Caruso - An unbelievably bad actor on CSI: Miami who is doing the worst Edward James Olmos in "Miami Vice" impersonation I've ever seen.
14. Elmo - Grover only grating.
15. Feminism - How long must we continue to pay because ugly girls couldn't get a date in the 60s?
16. John F. Kennedy - If he didn't sleep with Marilyn Monroe and die young, do you really think he'd be the Democrat Elvis today?
17. Henry Kissinger - Dick Morris minus the scruples and the loyalty.
18. Jimmy Carter - If Hitler built houses for the homeless, the Democrats would buy his lousy poetry too.
19. Baby Boomers - Never has so much been wasted on so many for so little in return.
20. Soccer - Like watching a fire drill in Brazil.
21. French New Wave films - Like watching a fire drill in Paris.
22. Jane's Addiction - At least The Velvet Underground had something to say.
23. Crystal Meth - when crack looks like health food to you.
24. The income "gap" - The rich make more money than we do because they're better at making money. I'm frankly more concerned about the "sixpack ab" gap at the moment.
25. Canada - North Dakota without the charm.


Blogger Prussian Tiger said...

I pretty much agree except for the soccer.

8:49 PM  

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