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Son of Even More Republican Recriminations

Jimmy Baker---Saudi tool?

Let's be "realistic" here---if Baker sells out his country on Iraq to cozy up to Bandar's boys, he ought to rot in the dankest dungeon we can find. Abu Ghraib would do nicely, particularly once the Iranians come to run it in the wake of the Baker Commission's stupidity.

Too bad Denny Hastert wasn't term-limited, isn't it?

Don't make things worse by buying into Election 2006 myths.

Selling out the base on immigration isn't a winning formula for a lame-duck president:

Now that Democrats are in control on Capitol Hill, President Bush has expressed hopes of getting a bipartisan immigration bill. The only bipartisan bill that can get past a Democratic Congress is an amnesty bill, which can be a down payment on another Republican defeat in 2008.

If the people in the White House do not understand how outraged their supporters were at this year’s attempt to pass an amnesty bill for illegals — virtually guaranteeing that even more millions will come — then it is hard to know what message they got from the Republicans’ recent debacle at the polls.

But it doesn't matter once all those illegals can pull the lever for the GOP, right? What's that? You mean they vote mainly Democrat?

Never mind.

Since our lame-duck president won't do anything, perhaps the lame-duck Congress can at least pass some conservative laws on the way out.

Of course, they didn't pass many after winning elections, so I suppose it's too much to ask them to put down the K street briefcase full of cash long enough to give their voters something they actually asked for.


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