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And the Jimmy Carter Award for Chutzpah Goes To...

...Kofi Annan:

The only immediate question to be asked after the secretary-general vented his spleen upon leaving office Monday is: Do Americans, and the Bush administration, finally get it? After all, this White House was directly responsible for keeping Kofi Annan in office after the gigantic Oil-for-Food scandal could easily have taken him down. It was similarly responsible for allowing Mohamed ElBaradei, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) — the other high-ranking U.N. official fighting vociferously against sanctions on Iran — a third term. What will it take for this administration to recognize the U.N. has become the enemy of human rights, democracy, and the rule of law? And every minute wasted there pretending the Security Council is serious about stopping the gravest threat to humankind today — an Iranian nuclear weapon — takes us a step closer to the permanent destruction of our way of life.

It didn’t take much for Kofi Annan to come clean — and with the huge infusion of cash expected soon from George Soros into Annan’s new institute, he is just warming up. “No nation can make itself secure by seeking supremacy over all others,” said Annan. Is that what America is all about? The apologists for demagogues and despots are fond of crying “international democracy,” when anybody with a calculator can figure out that leaves real democracies in the minority. For Kofi Annan, one of the greatest fakes of our age, it’s all about “giving the poor and the weak some influence over the actions of the rich and the strong.” No mention of the tyrants and murderers ensuring the poor and the weak squirming beneath them are forever human pawns in this feigned interest in their welfare, or the genocidal demagogues also seeking “some influence” in the name of development by way of their friends at the U.N.

For the likes of Kofi Annan, “The [Security] council is not a stage for acting out national interests. It is the management committee of our fledgling global security system.” What rot. The U.N. was supposed to be about the victory of human dignity over fear and want. If only those countries firmly rooted in the supremacy of freedom and the rule of law could see such “national interests” realized through the Security Council! As it is, the so-called “global security system” is not only “fledgling,” it’s a one-way ticket to nuclear war.

Kofi Annan will forever be remembered as the secretary-general who presided over the biggest and most insidious hijacking of the global agenda which has ever occurred. With the defeat of Communism, there was a chance that the U.N. could come to be not the tool for developed to triumph over developing, — but the instrument that permitted democratization and the protection of human rights to step out from behind the shadows as the sine qua non of progress in our time. Instead, over a decade with Kofi Annan at the helm, the U.N. has become an instrument of terror. A place which has no definition of terrorism because the terrorists and their allies run it, while democracies pay the bill.

It's pretty hard to be the most corrupt UN Secretary-General ever, but Annan aimed low and got lower.

Hope all that money from dead Iraqi babies pays off some of your New York City parking tickets, Kofi.


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