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Sir Winston Churchill


spades, shovels, rakes and shears

I don't blog that much. I guess 'cuz I'm so busy being busy. But most of the time, the things I have to add to Moltenthought may or may not "go" with the "decor". So I figured I'd put a little garden round back where people can come to smell the flowers after they've read about the evils of jihad and Vladimir Putin.

It's kind of the way we do things at dinner parties. Tef and I talk about politics and history with our guests at the table I've laden with food, flowers, wine, candles and dessert pastries. Once our guests are worn out from mulling over predestination and foreign policy, they sneak into the kitchen with me to have a sample of strawberry shortcake, get another glass of wine, crack some jokes and rest awhile. When they're ready, they launch back in to conversation in the dining room. It works well at home, maybe in the blogosphere.

So now there's Little Garden.

I'll still be posting on Moltenthought as well, no worries. And I still consider it my home. Teflon has the honor of being "head of the table" on my blogroll too. We'll give it a go and see what happens.


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