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This Should Sound Familiar

Selwyn Duke's immigration reform:

The answer is - and these ideas aren't original - we can get illegal aliens to deport themselves. All we need understand is that man operates based on incentive, on reward and consequence, and devise policy accordingly. I now propose a foolproof five-point plan that would put an end to the invasion of America.

1. Enact laws ensuring that employers who hire illegals will be punished harshly enough to deter the behavior; this will take the illegals' jobs away.

2. Enact laws prohibiting illegals from receiving any government benefits.

3. Eliminate the standard that confers citizenship on children born to illegals on our soil.

These three measures alone will eliminate the incentive to be here, causing most to return to where they belong. But this is just the removal of the carrot; now we need application of the stick.

4. Enact a law stating that any alien in violation of our laws caught on our soil beyond a certain date will be subject to severe criminal penalties.

5. Enact a law stating that, in addition, if they are found in the US after that time, they will forevermore be prohibited from entering our nation.

Sounds quite similar to my proposals, although I should note the weakness in Duke's plan---we have enough laws on the books already; we simply refuse to enforce them.



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