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The Gears of the War Machine Grind On Toward World War III

The U.S. confirms Israeli warplanes bombed Syria.

What did they bomb?

Suspected nuclear sites.

Folks, we've been saying for months that Iran works through proxies to protect the mullahs. Syria is one of those proxies, as the war between Hezbollah and Israel demonstrated.

Saddam's WMD, including the remains of his nuclear program, is thought to have gone to Syria.

Now tha North Koreans are sending nuclear technology to Syria.

Syria runs Lebanon.

Lebanon is infested by Hezbollah, which is run by Iran.

North Korean nukes to Syria to Lebanon to Hezbollah = a mushroom cloud over Tel Aviv.

Whom do the Israelis strike then?

Do they nuke Lebanon to glass?

Do they nuke Syria to glass?

Do they nuke Iran to glass?

Not likely, the latter bit, for Iran is cultivating Putin's Russia, which will deter Israel from striking Iran.

Iran is thus marching merrily along on her path to wipe Israel from the face of the Earth, all the while ensuring we will do nothing about it.



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