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Rush to the Rescue

The Great One takes the squishes to task:

Well, conservatism isn't dead because it cannot be dead. Conservatism is not manmade. Conservatism is a philosophy. It's not a scheme. It's not a plan to figure out what the American people need and want, and then give it to them. That's populism! Conservatism is a philosophy based on God-given natural rights. The Declaration of Independence, is that dead? Of course not! What's dead is leadership on the Republican side, and because there is a lack of leadership of someone who the substantive understanding of liberty and the political skills to advance it, we get all this cockamamie nonsense about the death of our principles. Our principles are not dead! Our principles cannot die. I'll tell you, in a lot of ways this reminds me of Jimmy Carter and his malaise speech. He blamed the American people for his miserable failures as president. Now we have conservatives and conservative wannabes, many of whom have held high office or hold high office or speak and write from formerly conservative outposts, who blame conservatives for their own miserable failures. What is lacking is not ideas and principles. What's lacking is the right people to speak those ideas and principles, folks. Admit it.

You know it and I know it, and that's why this Republican roster of candidates has always been somewhat disquieting, and we know that it is because if you look at it, it's pretty much evenly spread, the support around all the top-tier people. Look what happens, by the way, when one of them happens to pipe up. Look what happens. I have a headline: "A Combative Thompson Sways Voters -- 'But then last night -- we hadn't even been thinking about him -- all of a sudden it was clear he was the one,' said Mr. Berenberk, a retired teacher. 'The bluntness, the forcefulness. He was really impressive.'" He's talking about Thompson in the last South Carolina debate. So candidate aside -- put Thompson aside for a moment -- when conservative truths are heard, it's an affecting and effective message. People have revelations when they hear it. They just haven't been hearing it from people who want to lead the party and who want to lead the country. So what's lacking here is not ideas and not principles, but the right people to speak them and the right people to develop strategies to win elections based on those ideas and principles. What's lacking, if you will, is intellectual and political leadership. Let me be even more specific. Where's the Russell Kirk? Where's the Bill Buckley? Where's the Milton Friedman of our day? Where's the Barry Goldwater, the Ronald Reagan? We have people who claim to hold the mantle of these greats, and yet they also claim that the mantle to hold is not worth holding, that we gotta redefine it because the era is over. If you believe that liberty, national security, free enterprise, faith, and the Constitution are dead, then what are you saying? On what do you base your definition of conservatism? If we don't properly diagnose the problem, we aren't going to be able to fix this.

It's not conservativism that needs to change---it's the GOP.



Blogger Cullen said...

I think conservatives have felt abandoned by the party for some time.

This feeling was reinforced today when I read two separate stories. One involved the White House sending a letter to the Supreme Court pleading with them to uphold federal gun control. The second story talked about Bush and Rice's change of tactics concerning Israel and Palestine. Basically the article implied that Rice and Bush have now accepted that Palestine will continue to sponsor/conduct terrorist activities and that we're just going to have to get over that and accept it. War on Terror indeed.

What makes U.S. presidents think that their last year in office has to be devoted to "fixing" Israel/Palestine?

I appreciate his stance on Iraq and I appreciate his tax cuts. Those points aside, he has really let Afghanistan go to pot and he's otherwise been anything but fiscally conservative.

More and more I shake my head at the current administration and when I look toward the crop of wannabes, I shake it even more.

1:09 PM  

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