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With Thompson Out, What Do Conservatives Do Now?

McCain and Huckabee are certainly unworthy of conservatives' support on any level. They simply cannot be trusted, given the enormous character flaws they possess.

Giuliani is deeply flawed personally as well (what kind of man treats his wife like he did?) and a social liberal to boot, with a big moral blind spot on pro-life issues which makes it impossible for me (and no doubt many religious conservatives) to vote for him.

Mark Levin is leaning Romney right now, but Romney's also a big government liberal who's currently going the Schwarzenneger/Bloomberg make-believe conservative route. We've seen how well conservatives holding their noses and voting for that particular dynamic duo has turned out.

The question thus becomes: do we sit this one out?

It's a horrible situation, because no sooner does Obama/Clinton win than the nearly-dead Supreme Court justices who've been phoning it in through their clerks for the past 8 years will suddenly retire, giving the Dems a straight shot at preserving an abortion-hungry, Constitution-hating Court for another generation.

Of course, electing a Dem president will mean we lose the War on Terror. Period.

Conservatives therefore need to choose between destroying the GOP or destroying the country. The hope that one may save both in the short term seems to be fading; this is fast approaching either/or status. The worst case would actually be conservatives rallying behind Romney only to have the Dems win the Oval Office anyway; we will therefore have managed to accomplish both nightmare scenarios simultaneously.

This is what we get for having chosen power over principle in 1988, in 1992, in 1996, in 2000, and in 2004. The country deserves better even if we don't.

The GOP leadership, on the other hand, deserves to be sent packing.



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