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Sir Winston Churchill


So Much for Looking Out for "The Little Guy"

Dem pols and RINOs are all for illegal immigrant invaders. And if poorly-educated and low-skilled Americans wind up on the dole to get them amnesty and voting rights, well, that's a price the limousine liberals are willing to pay.

The original Reagan coalition formed when anti-Communist and pro-life Democrats were drawn to Reagan's staunch support of their favored positions, neither of which the Rockefeller Republicans have ever embraced.

If we want to piece together the Reagan juggernaut again, we need only add strong support for protecting the right of citizenship and to secure our borders. There are millions of Americans who do not want to be on welfare or unemployment, but only want the chance to work and improve their lot.

So why are we snubbing them on behalf of Mexicans and others who come here illegally and steal jobs from our countrymen?

Does an American's vote today count less somehow than an anchor baby's vote or an illegal aliens illegal vote tomorrow?



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