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Through A Glass Darkly Looking at the Pope

The Left Wing Media just don't get that old time religion, nosir:

God Bless America." These words began and ended the too-short visit of the true man from Hope, Pope Benedict XVI.

Before his arrival, many pundits predicted that his Holiness would rain down torrents of recrimination upon our country and its president on topics like the Iraq War, capital punishment or our failure to heed the hounds of global warming. They of course were wrong in thinking that the German Shepherd would bite the hand that feeds the world's poor or chastise the most pro-life leader our country has ever seen. But what else is new?

The press in this country constantly exhibits disdain for our homegrown spiritual leaders, so it was no surprise that they would distort the Pope's message and the motivation behind his visit. Rare was the media outlet that failed to note that the Pope was received by cheering crowds "like a rock star"; that most depraved symbol of all that is unworthy of worship in America. Contrary to the soul-stealing allures of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, the Holy Father consistently spoke of faith, love, and hope.

But the hope among our mostly secular media was that most Americans would see the Holy Father and instantly be reminded of the grave sins committed by a small percentage of Catholic clergy. And indeed, on the lips of most commentators and right next to the spinning papal graphics, were usually the words, "sexual abuse scandal."

And his Holiness did indeed address the issue of priests disdaining their vows, acknowledging their "gravely immoral behavior" and saying: "[I]t is more important to have good priests than to have many priests. We hope that we can do, and we have done and will do in the future, all that is possible to heal this wound."

He later met with victims and reportedly prayed with them, and later asked all Catholics "to do what you can to foster healing and reconciliation, and to assist those who have been hurt."

OF COURSE, NO MATTER what apologies the Church makes, no matter how much money she pays, and no matter how many innocent and holy priests suffer because of the actions of a few, it will never be enough. In this country, there are some sins which are never to be forgiven; especially those that advance certain agendas.

Not that I'm questioning their morality---they have none to question.

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