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Those Evolving Left Wing Media "Standards"

Unsubstantiated rumors without anything resembling eyewitness accounts suffice for frontpage New York Times smear pieces when the target is Republican John McCain, but when The National Inquirer catches Breck Girl Democrat V.P. candidate John Edwards visiting his mistress and love child at 2 am at a Beverly Hills hotel, THAT'S a violation of journalistic "standards".

Even the usual "Republican scandals are news because of the hypocrisy angle" ploy doesn't work here---Edwards trotted out his cancer-stricken wife at every photo op during the primaries and never failed to take the opportunity of claiming to be a family man. That's hypocrisy, plain and simple.

The ONLY determining factor in whether and how the Left Wing Media reports on scandals in American politics is whether the target has a -R or a -D following their last name.

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