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Georgia On My Mind

Blackfive notes what should be obvious to anyone with military experience: a combined arms operation like Russia has launched in Georgia took months of planning and prepositioning. It was a premeditated invasion just like Hitler's invasion of Czechoslovakia, Austria, and Poland.

Robert Kagan notes that this is a turning point as large as the fall of the Berlin Wall. This would be true if the course in the West changed as a result of it. Given the incompetence of the Bush administration foreign policy, I'm not so sure it would make any difference. Bush, after all, was the moron who claimed he "looked into [Putin's] heart" and found "a good man."

Bill Kristol asks if Russia will get away with it. He is apparently too stupid to realize that they already have.

A little history of the region is illuminating.

Victor Davis Hanson gets it---all the usual suspects of the Left even now are abandoning any pretense of pacifism and human rights to man the barricades on behalf of the Bolshies. They await their talking points from their controllers in Moscow, as of old.



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