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The Joy of Down's

Rich Lowry shares an anecdote anyone who has had the pleasure of knowing someone with Down's Syndrome will immediately recognize.

When I grew up, I had a couple of distant cousins (relatives of my mother's close friend, actually; referred to as cousins) who had Down's. We didn't see them all that often, but every Halloween they came by trick or treating and it was the highlight of our night. We'd never seen such happy people (especially in Rhode Island)---always cheerful and just thrilled to be alive.

As we see the heartless response of the Left to Sarah Palin's son Trig, it exposes yet another faultline in our politics. If you're so wed to abortion-on-demand that you root for the extermination of such wonderful people, you've got a hole where your soul ought to be.

Before our son was born, WordGirl and I were asked if we wanted the test for Down's Syndrome done. "Why would we want that?" we asked. "Well, some people want to know in enough time to weigh their options." We both knew what that meant---abortion. "No thanks", we told our doctor, who wouldn't be our doctor for much longer as WordGirl didn't want anything to do with an ob/gyn who would engage in such practices.

Some things are easy. I think what may surprise some on the Left is just how easy Sarah Palin's decision was to have Trig. As he grows up, he just might surprise any number of people as to just how happy folks with Down's can be, and how much joy they can bring to the world around them.

And that's what the Left is really worried about, isn't it?

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