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"An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last."
Sir Winston Churchill


Ukraine's Next

Russia eyes Ukraine.

NATO and the U.S. did next to nothing to stop Putin's oil grab in Georgia, so Ukraine will be next, all the better to blackmail Europe for both energy and food.

We have forgotten the lessons of Munich, and are content to watch eastern Europe be gobbled up again by an evil power.

We could have stopped Hitler in the Rhine.

We could have stopped him in Austria.

We could have stopped him in Czechoslovakia.

Instead, we waited until Poland was destroyed and the Wehrmacht rolled through Paris to try to stop him.

We could have stopped Putin in Georgia.

Will we stop him in Ukraine?

Or will we continue to adopt the long-discredited lie that if we just give him this particular people to enslave, he will not seek to clap the irons on the rest of us?

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