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Wheezy Joe Reports for Duty

Dick Cheney's Vietnam War deferments were a big issue in the 2000---surely the Left Wing Media will make Joe Biden's 5 deferments and eventual unfitness claim due to asthma an issue in this one, right?


And whomever deemed Biden 4-F for his "asthma" claim really ought to be given a kick in the pants---how could anyone with a breathing condition possibly run off at the mouth without stopping for a breath as Biden has done continuously over the past 35 years?

Maybe Obamessiah worked a miracle cure!

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Blogger Vigilis said...

Joe Biden got 5 draft deferments. John McCain had 5 years of POW captivity.

To nuanced liberals each had the same military experience - removal from combat readiness until determined unfit for service.

6:32 AM  

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