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And Now ACORN's Registering 7-yr-olds

This is indefensible.

The story misses two key points:

1. By skewing voter registration to Democrats, ACORN creates a false perception of momentum which impacts polling (pollsters tend to watch voter registration as a leading indicator and weight party representation accordingly, despite DJ Drummond's sound efforts to convince them to use prior election historical data instead). McCain's "desperation" is poll-driven, probably thanks to ACORN. This can suppress turnout for the GOP.

2. Since ID checks are not done in most states, ACORN is essentially creating a database of registered voters which will allow ineligible voters to commit voter fraud, such as those in past elections who voted in multiple locations. This allows ACORN to manufacture as many votes as needed in battleground states to put their candidate over the top. They will do this in urban areas because it's more efficient to have one fraudulent voter pop around to voting precincts within a mile of each other than to have to drive miles and miles to do so. Look for returns from urban precincts to show ridiculously high voter turnout.

Obama is out to steal this election, with ACORN as his stormtroopers.



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