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The Fix Is In Part II

How much is the election fixed for Obama?

The LWM lies about McCain withdrawing from battleground Colorado.

A debate moderator gushes about the "giant steps" forward electing Obama would represent.

A New York Times writer gets busted intentionally lying in a piece geared to amp up economic anxiety, a key enabler for Obama.

LWM-enabled GOP turncoat Colin Powell waits 8 MONTHS to make big waves with his endorsement.

Obama denies writing blurb for terrorist Bill Ayers' book; LWM ignores easy research which proves he lied.

Neocons, ever sensitive to LWM and elite opinion, are already heading for the exits.

Meanwhile, the people who take taxpayer dollars to ensure fair and legal elections are filling Obama's cash coffers at a record rate.

How much is the election fixed for Obama?

Enough to disgust even Democrats.

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