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Pakistan Headed for the Abyss

This doesn't bode well:

Would we let this happen? Would we allow Pakistan with its nukes to fall into the hands of terrorists?

Bush, I am certain, would not. But Obama? Even he must see that danger to the region and to us if such an event were to occur. And unless he is so wedded to the idea that everyone in the world has got to like us, we will go in.

The problem is, what's next after that? Well, we can't just leave and hope that the Pakis do the right thing. There would be occupation. There would be nation building. There would be the drive for democracy.

Sound familiar? This is all stuff that Obama and his friends opposed in Iraq. But since it would be a Democrat doing the occupying, a Democrat doing the nation building, and a Democrat trying to bring democracy to Pakistan, things would be just peachy with the press, the left, and everyone else who thinks that going into Iraq in the first place was a mistake.

But think of all the new Medicare and welfare recipients once Al Qaeda nukes New York!

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Blogger Cullen said...

Of course they won't call it nation building, though. It'll just be "what's right for the world."

7:03 AM  

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