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The World's Shortest Book: A Comprehensive List of Intelligent U.S. Senators

George Neumayr boxes the ears of these buffoons:

The emptiness and arrogance of the Senate's demagogic buffoons can't be overstated. Arlen Specter's phrase "super duper" precedent illustrated what a collection of lightweights the Senate has become. John Roberts patiently explained the rudiments of the law to them, but the Senators were too busy shuffling through their papers in search of the ACLU's latest talking points to listen. Or in the case of Specter, looking around for an oversized Roe v. Wade prop to underscore his argument about "super duper" precedent, that cogent legal concept which somehow eluded the authors of the Federalist Papers and drafters of the Constitution.

And what's the high-minded reason for justices bowing before the super duper precedent of Roe v. Wade? Apparently, that Americans have come to bank on abortion as secondary contraception when they get into a jam. As Specter explained, Americans craft their "reproductive" strategies and lifestyles around the existence of abortion.

Does this mean injustices incorporated into the culture can't be touched, according to the Senators? No, just the injustices they and their constituents happen to like and find handy. Not long after Specter extolled the value of precedent as a protection for abortion, Senators Pat Leahy and Ted Kennedy launched into windy tributes to past Supreme Court decisions that scotched precedent. In those cases, a culture built around a particular injustice could be disrupted. How is uprooting abortion different from uprooting racism? Teddy didn't explain.

While the great moralists of the Senate aren't worried that their "living" Constitution excludes unborn children from consideration by the states, they are concerned that Roberts might cut wartime thugs off from it. After Specter had concluded his discussion of the proper judicial reverence due abortion, Senator Leahy probed Roberts on his commitment to stopping abuse in wartime.

Nothing is more pathetic than watching Ted "Waitress Sandwich" Kennedy read Ralph Neas' talking points while John Roberts patiently waits to dissect the sloshy old gasbag without the aid of notes.

And I thought Barbara Boxer was dumb.


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