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Dhimmitude: The Toughest Job The LWM Will Ever Love


Another classic example of how the mainstream media shapes (or tries to shape) U.S. foreign policy appeared in a recent CNN/USA Today poll. Headlines noted the innocuous, if not banal, finding that 52 percent of Americans wish their troops home "as soon as possible." Naturally the mainstream media characterized these results as a decline in support for the American war effort. The public's first response to the survey should have been, "Who doesn't want our troops home 'as soon as possible'"? The real story here is that nearly half of Americans say they don't. As for those in favor of an "immediate pullout," the percentage is still only 38 percent, according to an underreported Rasmussen Reports' survey.

Polls commissioned by the mainstream media inevitably refer to the insurgency in Iraq as an ongoing "war," and not just any war, but one opposed by the majority of Americans. The last time I checked the OED a "war" was something like a series of battles fought by professional soldiers, on a battlefield, in the air, or on the sea. But to report that a majority of Americans oppose the "insurgency" somehow doesn't make the Bush team look bad enough. Besides, how does one oppose an insurgency save with guns and bullets?

Despite the obvious bias, three-fourths of those polled are not buying the liberals' logic for troop withdrawal. By all accounts the public is smart enough to know that simply withdrawing U.S. troops will not make them one color code safer -- despite what liberals (and militant Muslims) say. In fact, the same Rasmussen survey found that 71 percent of Americans believe that withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq is unlikely to stop terror attacks like this summer's London bombings.

To sum up: The latest surveys find that only about a third of Americans favor immediate withdrawal (and most of these were influenced short-term by media coverage of the recent Hurricanes), that U.S. withdrawal will do nothing to prevent or deter terrorist attacks and will in fact only make the situation worse.

And yet for the anti-war crowd it is only by giving in to every one of al Qaeda's demands -- pulling our troops, forcing Western oil companies out of all Islamic states, and ending support of those murderous Zionists in Palestine -- that alone will melt the Muslim's cold, cold heart. (Though it will have no affect on Michael Moore and Cindy Sheehan and the Frenchman's abhorrence of America.)

I used to think the LWM was evil, but that was giving them way too much credit. They're simply stupid. Too stupid, banal, and shallow to comprehend how the world works.

There are two types of people in the world: doers and dialers. Doers do, dialers call someone who does.

These media clowns are clearly dialers, and dumb ones at that.


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