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Man, Are My Thumbs Sore

I've been playing XBox much of the day. Can't help it---I received EA Sports' "Fight Night Round 2" and I've been driving the career of "Bad Boy" Bobby Berzerk. He's currently 16th-ranked middleweight, but with 11 fights and 11 KOs he's sure to keep rising up the ranks. Things only get tougher from here on out---he won his last fight in the 10th and final round on a KO with a minute left after having been thoroughly outboxed, knocked down for the first time in his career, and after losing 8 of the previous 9 rounds.

He's of course doing a lot better than I did in my college boxing career---1-1 with a major league beatdown in my final fight. Fortunately, it was just for a PE credit, so I didn't endanger my finely-chiseled features by beating them against some dude's fist.

Bleeding fingertips aside, I must say it's a very good stress reliever.


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