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Another Example of Conservative Comity Despite Disagreement

There is no more serious dividing line amongst conservatives today than between those who love John McCain (LWM-Arizona) and those who loath him.

Unlike, say, our Lefty friends who will excommunicate from the Maoist Union anybody who thinks Joe Lieberman's a pretty good senator, conservatives have not allowed this debate to become rancorous.

Case in point:

Bulldog Pundit's a loather.

Patrick Hynes is not just a lover, he WORKS for McCain.

They write for the same blog.

Yet there's no censorship, no profanity, no taking one's ball and running home.

Now, I can't say all disagreements between conservatives are handled in this cool and rational manner---but one hell of a lot more of them are than you'll find on the port side of the blogosphere.


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