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The Return of "Duck and Cover"

Stanley Kurtz:

American politics is about to undergo a sea change. Our lives are going to be transformed on a more personal level as well. Sometime between now and five-to-ten years from now we’re going to be forced to choose between preemptive war with Iran, and living in a post-proliferation world. War with Iran will probably mean casualties on American soil. Iran has likely placed terrorist agents in the United States, with instructions to retaliate against civilian targets in the event of war. We’ll also likely see attacks on Persian Gulf oil shipments, and therefore a huge spike in the price of gasoline, with major economic consequences.

But what if there is no preemptive strike? What if Iran gets the bomb? (I find it tough to credit the notion that a negotiated agreement with Iran can prevent it from developing nuclear weapons. At any rate, only an imminent American military strike would have any hope of generating a verifiable bargain.) An extraordinary new article by Stephen Peter Rosen, “After Proliferation: What to Do if More States Go Nuclear,” makes it obvious that our lives and our politics are going to change dramatically in a post-proliferation world. So either we go to war with Iran — likely a more costly war than any we’ve faced since 9/11 — or our lives will transform forever. To see what I mean, let’s take a tour of Rosen’s remarkable argument.

Read the whole thing for a preview of what we'll face if the the Democrats have their way.


Blogger linearthinker said...

Kurtz's article is sobering enough for me. Don't need to chase down Rosen's points.

Preemptive measures against Iran, whether focused on regime change in the near future, or ultimately military strikes, seem to be the only sane option. I say regime change in the near future, because at the rate of developments being announced by Iran, there won't be much time for that gentler approach. Kurtz gives us up to 5-to-10 years. I don't think we have that long.

In my neighborhood we have hunting season on doves...I've always assumed they must taste a lot like chicken (or ostrich).

7:07 AM  

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