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BlogRoll Bursts Forth

A couple of new additions to the MoltenThought BlogRoll:

Half A Pica Distance is a great policulti blog of particular interest to those of us who enjoy comics, guitars, and television (yeah, that's ALL of us). MoltenThinker Cullen serves up the bloggy goodness in daily doses, so be sure to check it out frequently.

GOP Vixen doesn't just bring the snark, she brings the funny. And we like blogs that bring the funny, oh yes indeedy we do.

And since I love me some wastin' time, we've added WG's little find too.

All Things Beautiful is a poliGodblog MoltenThinker Karen recommended. Solid graphic design, too, which is always appreciated.


Blogger Cullen said...


Thanks for the roll, Tef.

8:06 AM  
Blogger Teflon said...

We assign blogs to our BlogRoll based on our patent-pending Hot, Blue, and Righteous formula, perfected by specially-trained mathematicians over the course of centuries.

A detailed review of posts is conducted, each falling into one or more categories. Then, a Gut Check is made, a number assigned (higher meaning more up-to-date and comprehensive), and whichever is highest tends to be where we place the blog.

A long way of saying, "You're blue because you write a lot about cultural issues of wide interest."

Welcome to the BlogRoll!

4:32 PM  

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