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The Plamegate Aftermath

Hitch explains it all.

Investor's Business Daily wants to know if Fitzgerald's a liar.

The American Thinker on Armitage and Powell's whiff of anti-Semitism:

Draw your own conclusions from the fact that Armitage’s best friend Colin Powell called Dick Cheney’s supporters (including Scooter Libby, Doug Feith and Paul Wolfowitz) the “Gestapo Office” (quite insulting considering that there is a history of relatives lost in the Holocaust among them).

Factor in that Powell called Doug Feith “a card-carrying member of the Likud Party” and referred to the Likudnicks in the White House controlling policy during his “exit interview with Bush” (see Assassin’s Gate: America in Iraq) – thereby showing his support for anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists.

Don’t forget that Powell is also joined at the hip with Brent Scowcroft – no friend of Israel and an investor in the Saudi-funded Carlyle Group? Consider that Armitage felt it was fine for Libby to undergo undeserved torment during Fitzgerald’s inquisition and that Colin Powell also knew that Armitage was the leaker but kept quiet about his knowledge when interviewed by the Justice two days after Amitage admitted to Powell he was the leaker.

Remember that Powell’s other good friend, and former chief of staff, Larry Wilkerson, sees no problem with teaching his college courses at William and Mary and George Washington University using the Walt/Mearsheimer Israel Lobby Paper – and that many have criticized as being anti-Semitic? Wilkerson believes the paper contains “blinding flashes of the obvious.”

Byron York wonders why Wilson and Plame aren't suing Armitage.

It's pretty clear where the conspiracy was in all of this, and it wasn't in Dick Cheney's office.


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