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Is the Abortion Tide Turning?

One hopes so:

Is he right? Is his generation pro-life? It could be trending in that direction. In 2004, UCLA’s annual poll of U.S. college freshmen found student support for legal abortion at its lowest level (54 percent) since the poll began in 1977. Glamour last year noted the “mysterious disappearance of young pro-choice women,” pointing to a 2003 CBS/New York Times poll that found only 35 percent of women 18-29 responded that “abortion should be available to anyone who wants it”; in 1993, it had been 50 percent.

“Unbelievably shocking,” said Alexander Sanger, head of Planned Parenthood. “Isn’t it obvious that young women have to be at the forefront of fighting for their reproductive rights because they’re the ones who need them?”

It’s certainly not obvious to Ingrid Mitchell, who works with Tonkowich on Wash for Life, “I worked for a shelter for unwed mothers for a summer and got to experience the courage these women have, and how much they need support and strength. These centers deserve to be recognized for the amazing help they give to women every day.”

Wash for Life brings some much-needed positive attention to the work the crisis-pregnancy centers (CPCs) do, in reaching out to women — and girls — who may have no other support. CPCs tend to be full of unnoticed heroes — brave women and the staff and volunteers who help them get what they need to mother their children.

Isn't it sad how pregnant women wanting to mother their children is viewed as "shocking" in some quarters?

I've always wanted to see the Darwinists explain infanticide. Kinda undercuts the whole basis of evolution, doesn't it?


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