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"An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last."
Sir Winston Churchill


It's Alive! ALIVE!

Howdy kids.

Yes, it's me.

Remember me?


I'm the other half of MoltenThought.



Where've I been? Working mostly.

Up until the middle of the summer I worked alone, which enabled me to dash off the occasional blog during working hours. Now that I'm training an assistant to take over my responsibilities come December, I have less and less time. At night, our home office belongs to Teflon. Even if I could get in there, the temporary office space we are being forced to use (while the "real" office is waiting on a fresh coat of hunter green paint) is less than ideal. The keyboard is resting in a shallow desk drawer. Not optimally ergonomic.

So there's that.

Mostly, we're going to RCIA (wonderful); I'm keeping up with the house; gardening; planning our schedules; running around with my friends; working and getting ready to come home.

That's right. I'm leaving my job in December to become Executive Director of Casa de MoltenThought (Direct Report to the CEO). I have three rooms to remodel, a slew of pictures and books to organize and cull, errands to run, laundry to wash and dinner to put on the table every night. On top of that, I plan on doing some hefty charity work for the church. Momma's gonna' be busy.

I probably will be seeing a bit more of you then. We'll see.

Funny thing is, I've gotten to the point in my life where it's less and less important for me to explain myself or wax philosophical. The more I read, the more I find other voices who've dissected the marrow and meat of Living. My thoughts have already been translated. My books and favorite things speak for me. Perhaps I should just hold them up and point.

Theology? Christology? The meaning of life? My Bible and my Catechism. CS Lewis. GK Chesterton. Shakespeare. Greek myth. Beethoven. Wagner. Kurosawa. Pope Benedict. The Saints. Russian folktales. Mass.

I can't add any more.

Pardon me if I am quiet.

I am too awed to speak on my own small experience.


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