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When the Umpire Begins Swinging At Pitches

The LWM's true colors come shining through at the prospect of a Dem congress:

In 1994, the media portrayed Newt Gingrich as a fire-breathing, radical right-winger. The week of the election, Time put a red-faced Gingrich on its cover with the headline “Mad As Hell.” By contrast, when Pelosi isn’t warm and cuddly, she’s a master politician. To wit, a recent profile of Pelosi that aired on NBC’s Today opened with these words: “She often introduces herself as a mother and grandmother, and is known for her trademark smile. But don’t be fooled. At 66, she is ambitious, effective, and has made an art form of staying on message.”

The media haven’t been able to conceal their rooting interest in this election. They visibly pant over the prospect of a big Democratic night on November 7, and if there is any doubt about its happening (they often portray it as a foregone conclusion), they are willing to help push Democrats over the top.

And right after they win the media will suddenly decide that they've been much too hard on Congress these past dozen years or so and need to be less cynical. It was the same conclusion they reached in 1976 and 1992 regarding the presidency.

Pure coincidence that the watchdogs take out their teeth whenever their fellow Democrats take over.


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