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Candidates, Start Your Engines

The Rite of Acceptance went just fine yesterday, despite my trying to ice the other candidates by telling them there was a last-minute change in the order of the questions.

At lunch following Mass, I promptly prevailed over my fellow ersatz theologians who tried to maintain that Revelation is a literal depiction of future global events. Even WordGirl, who has valiantly fought to preserve this aspect of her fundamentalist theology through many, many hours of argument, had to admit I eked out a win yesterday over blackened chicken penne pasta with tomato cream sauce.

I of course will eat nothing but blackened chicken penne pasta with tomato cream sauce from now on, to ensure that I never, ever lose an argument again.


Blogger Missy said...


I think most Catholics don't have a problem accepting much of the Bible as metaphor or analogy.

11:31 AM  

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