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How We Became Airmobile

The story of the Battle of Ia Drang.

I not only met General Moore and Joe Galloway; I was presented a signed copy of "We Were Soldiers Once...And Young" by them.

Gen. Moore requested that the USAF Academy History Department find a cadet who was great in history, stunk at technical courses, and was no stranger to the tour pad (where I spent many a weekend marching in a square with a rifle to work off various minor crimes against regulations). Needless to say, I fit the bill, and I must say it didn't take them long to realize it.

I had lunch with Gen. Moore and Mr. Galloway on the staff tower in Mitchell Hall, the cadet dining facility, and got to chat with them about Ia Drang (I had fortunately already read their book).

The most interesting part of the discussion came when I asked Galloway if he'd fired at the NVA troops who'd surrounded Moore's force. They looked at one another and Galloway smiled and said, "It's safe to say I did my part."

How different today's journalists are from Galloway's generation.


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