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"Courageous" Jimmy Carter Bashes Some More Jews

Ahh, the Left, with its curious definition of profiles in courage, skewered by Mona Charen:

Carter, like all Israel bashers, proclaims his courage. Please. It takes courage to criticize Israel? The world is teeming with Israel-haters. No other nation in the world — not Russia, not Saudi Arabia, not Cuba — is the subject of so much concentrated calumny. In Europe, as Melanie Phillips recounts in her dazzling book Londonistan, Israel is cursed not just among the rabble but at elegant dinner parties and embassy soirees. And while it’s true that in the United States, Israel enjoys high levels of support, it is also routinely castigated (and nearly always by people who imagine they are defying some powerful cabal). What is amazing is that even a former president of the United States confuses freedom of speech with freedom from criticism for the content of that speech.

The real question is, "When are American Jews going to stop running back to the Democrat Party like Nicole heading back to O.J.?"

Voting Democrat gets them nothing but Israel weakened and anti-Semites heartened.

Do they really hate evangelicals THAT much?


Anonymous stimey said...

I am so ashamed I come from the same state as this man.

1:52 AM  

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