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Lemonade from Lemons

If we must withdraw from Iraq, why not withdraw through Syria and Lebanon?

Losing in Iraq will vindicate and embolden the terrorists, much like our loss in Somalia. It is hard to overstate the increased danger to Americans and our allies worldwide if we fail to win. The situation in Iraq is difficult, but certainly we can exit on a much better terms than what is possible based on the Iraq Study Group's recommendations.

My proposed "March to the Sea" plan of removing American forces from Iraq by taking out the terrorist-sponsoring regime in Damascus and pushing through to help Israel dismantle Hezb'allah's terrorist infrastructure in Lebanon is probably nothing more than the fantasies of an amateur that will assuredly be greeted with howls of laughter by those who know better. Rightly so.

But if someone out there has some bold and audacious ideas how to win in light of our present situation in Iraq, from the anemic response the Iraq Study Group recommendations for full-scale retreat are receiving, there is little doubt that America would be glad to hear some alternatives. The fact is that we have troops in place in the Middle East that can inflict serious damage on just about any military target we would choose to engage; we may not have this strategic advantage ever again to the degree we do so now. We need a plan to take the battle back to our enemies and attack their will to win and fight.

Why not?

Because we lack the will to win.

Besides, it still leaves Iran in control of half (and eventually all) of Iraq, which would hardly be in our interests.


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