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Dr. Death Does It Again

Or will, if the LWM continue their past practice of fawning over this very sick individual:

KEVORKIAN IS ALMOST ALWAYS DESCRIBED in the media as a retired doctor who helped terminally ill people commit suicide. The December 13, 2006 Associated Press report about Kevorkian's pending parole, by Kathy Barks Hoffman, is typical of the genre, describing him as America's most vocal "advocate of assisted suicide for the terminally ill."

But that isn't completely true: Kevorkian does not believe that assisted suicide should be narrowly applied to the dying. This fact is easily discernible from his remarks, his writings, and his actions.

For example, in 1992, writing in the Journal of Forensic Psychiatry, Kevorkian proposed establishing a series of euthanasia clinics, which he called "obitoria." These euthanasia

clinics were to be staffed by physician-killers who would be legally permitted to terminate people who requested death. Kevorkian foresaw that the first "patients" would be the terminally and chronically ill. However, he looked forward in the article to the clinics eventually being of service to the existentially anguished, people he labeled "patients tortured by other than organic diseases."

He had gone even further a year earlier in his 1991 book Prescription Medicide, in which he urged the creation of a category of "optional assisted suicide" for people who want to die. Those qualifying for mercy killing under this category would include terminally ill people, as well as disabled people with "crippling deformities," those suffering from "intense anxiety or psychic torture," and those who seek suicide in pursuit of "religious or philosophical tenets or inflexible personal convictions."

Kevorkian showed a special interest in helping to kill disabled people. In an interview on the Charles Grodin Show, he labeled people with serious disabilities who were not in despair to be "certifiably pathological" and urged that assisted suicide be made available to the disabled as "a standard medical service."

This wasn't just talk. Kevorkian put his suicide machines to work terminating the lives of scores of disabled people. Indeed, about 70 percent of the nearly 130 people who died in Kevorkian's rusty van or other venues were not terminally ill. Most were disabled and depressed. At least five had no discernible illnesses whatsoever upon autopsy.

The only way this guy would be higher in the esteem of the Left is if he provided abortions for poor minority women under a government union contract.


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