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My Christmas Loot

Of course, Tef got me the best Christmas presents, evah. He's a really good gift-giver. The best, in my opinion.

The aforementioned Xbox 360 came with another game -- The Godfather. So far, I've picked up a couple pistols, beaten up the college kids who disfigured the undertaker's daughter, shaken down a butcher and a barber under orders from Luca Brazzi, found an upstairs racket and taken it over, blown up a safe and whacked a guy (who was shooting at me). It's been a full day -- think I'll retire to the safehouse for a good night's sleep. This game is amazing. The characters are right out of the movie. Pitch-perfect. Frankly, I'm exhausted.

Also got The Best of Johnny Rivers (I forgot how much good music he wrote and covered. Did you know he was the founding act for the Whiskey A-Go-Go?), Ryan Adams', 29, another Cathe Friedrich exercise DVD, and Looney Tunes, Volume 4.

Now for the books (we tend to read a bit 'round this joint). CS Lewis's Space Trilogy (Perelandra, That Hideous Strength, and Out of the Silent Planet). All in hardcover with gold embossing from the Easton Press. Very heirloom-looking and library-display worthy. Also from the Easton Press, a family Bible and Catechism. You could kill a squirrel with these volumes. Massive. But well worth it and sorely needed for posterity. George MacDonald, Phantastes:A Faerie Romance; Michael Dubriel's Praying the Rosary: With the Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful, and Glorious Mysteries (excellent little aid to enlighten your mind while you pray, very portable and illuminating), and Holy Cards (can't put it down).

Now for the girlie presents (men, just skip to the end -- me and the girls have to "gasp!" and "shriek!" and "aww..." for a bit here). Got this HOT pair of shoes (in black); this gorgeous Irish pitcher; red wool cape (I wear it everywhere, very warm -- lots of jealous stares); a Queen Victoria teacup (with a broken handle, poo!) and this sculpture, my favorite.

Of course, Midnight Mass was incredible (after some laughs at the expense of our noble and doggedly determined priests, feverishly trying to get the tree lights to come back on after a strand went out five minutes before Mass, but that's a story for another day.)

This Christmas has been the best one ever. And I say that without any reservation or exaggeration. It has been peaceful, relaxing and joyous. As it should be.

Hope all yours were as well.


Blogger Missy said...

"You could kill a squirrel with these volumes." Haha--hey, put down that book!
Seriously, I LOVE the pitcher and the cape. Awesome.

11:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If my husband ever got an XBOX, I'd adopt. We'd never be able to have sex again!

6:04 PM  
Anonymous tracey said...

Love that cape. So luscious.

7:25 PM  
Blogger WordGirl said...

Thanks! I do have the best hubby in the world, don't I? ;-)

11:16 AM  

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