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Ever Wonder Why Our Enemies Don't Take Us Seriously?

Perhaps it has something to do with preaching nonproliferation but refusing to secure our nuclear secrets.

Or perhaps it's attributable to our unwillingness to protect our own borders.

Maybe it's that our intelligence agencies can't even be bothered to read the Iranian press regarding the regime's clearly-articulated intentions:

Revolutionary Guards Political Bureau Head: "Iran is Entering the Nuclear Club"

In a January 1, 2007 article in the weekly Sobh-e Sadeq, which is the mouthpiece of Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei among the Revolutionary Guards, Revolutionary Guards Political Bureau head General Yadallah Javani stated that Iran was entering the nuclear club after it chose not to surrender to the West's pressures:

"…Any country that wants to be independent and to ensure its rights and its interest must rely on its capabilities and stand firm in the face of [international] pressures, through [national] unity and solidarity. [This is] the path that the Iranian nation and regime have now chosen in the nuclear conflict. The Iranian nation is now acquiring know-how and technology, and is entering the nuclear club. Given its national strength, [it can] stand firm against the pressures and against the weakness of the enemies. [Therefore] there is no reason… to surrender to the threats of those who speak the language of force." [8]

Another article on the sanctions in the same issue of Sobh-e Sadeq read: "…Without a doubt, Iran's going nuclear will change the balance of power in the region and will make Iran an influential and active player, such that the regional superpowers have understood that the management of the Middle East's regional system will evade them, and that a great part of the region will come under the moral influence of Iran's Islamic Revolution…" [9]

Bush, rather than fire the man responsible for the ridiculous piece of pro-mullah propaganda claiming it will be TEN YEARS before Iran becomes a nuclear power, kicks him over to an influential position in Foggy Bottom, where he can continue to undermine America's national security efforts. Might this have something to do with it?

I think it just may have something to do with Minnesota idiots electing a radical Muslim to Congress who has the audacity to take his oath on the Koran owned by the man who confronted the Barbary pirates in America's first war against Islamic barbarians.

Now, Americans are blissfully ignorant of history, but Ahmadinejad and Zawahiri are not.

And that is why they believe they will win. They've been winning for over a generation now, and see no indication that we intend to put their bloody streak to an end no matter how many Americans they slaughter.


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