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The Happy Housewife Show

Seriously, does anyone else remember this? Maybe it's my muscial brain that just remembers the words and tune to almost every song I've ever heard but...

"Make your hubby happy
keep your hubby happy
when he's the little chubby
he's the happy pappy
with Glockenspiel!"



It's my second day on the Job. The Boss was home yesterday so I didn't get as much done as I'd originally planned. But I did go grocery shopping and put together a great dinner for said Boss before we had to jaunt off to RCIA.

Today's agenda has been mostly accomplished. I'm just taking a break for a bit before I jump back in. Went to Target to pick up some things -- including a big zip-up heavy duty bag to store the Christmas tree. It shouldn't really come down until Saturday... but two days early ain't gonna' hurt nothin'. I've got all the Christmas stuff corralled in one room, now it's just a matter of getting it all packed away again.

Cleaned the shower & vanity, folded some laundry, had lunch. Depending on how easily the tree gets packed up, I might have some time to play Xbox before I start the Boss's dinner. Tonight is beef teriyaki with stir fried veggies and steamed sushi rice; mixed fruit for dessert. I'm working on charting my menus and really digging into how to run the house. Sounds incredibly riveting, I know. But you know what? I'm happy. Like happy, like, not just happy, but big-time happy.

In all seriousness. I approach our house like a monastery. Since we don't have children (yet) the peace of our home gives me a much clearer and cleaner focus on prayer: prayer for my husband in all his endeavors, prayer for my family, my friends, the church and the world. I got up this morning and prayed the Rosary. That was something that I just didn't have as much time for before.

Every task I undertake I try to do with a monastic focus -- as unto the Lord. And if you've studied monastic life, you know, there's lots of structured, silent work going on. It may sound odd, but I don't have the television or radio on. I work in silence most of the time. It's quiet. Peaceful. Soothing. I can hear myself thinking. And I can hear with my spiritual ears what God wants to tell me. We're getting re-acquainted quite nicely. And He's introducing me to the coolest Saints!

But more on that later.

I got a tree to take down.


Blogger Missy said...

Oh, I so remember that. Also: "Here we come, on the run, with a burger and a bun and a dab of coke on the side! Your taste we will tickle with a cold dill pickle, and all of our potatoes are french fried, fried, fried!" I'm dating myself, aren't I?

On the subject of monasticism: you really should read Kathleen Norris. She has some excellent books.

Also, have you ever read Radical Hospitality: Benedicts Way of Love by Fr. Dan Homan, O.S.B. and Lonni Collins Pratt? A different focus, but a great read.

And oh yeah, king's cake--my mom used to make an 8x8 cake and hide a bean in it. I just use a mix; after it's cooled I slide chocolate coins (you know the gold foil covered ones) into it before I frost it. Unlike my mom who only had one bean and therefore one "king" I put one in each piece so all the kids get one.

2:04 PM  
Blogger WordGirl said...

You remember it too?! Thank God!

Kathleen Norris -- will do.

Radical Hospitality: Looked it up on Amazon -- sounds perfect!

YES! King's Cake! Thank you! That's awesome. I'll tuck that one away. I didn't know it was so simple. The way you'd described it, I was envisioning a long, complicated process. (Oh yeah, I forgot -- you have a baseball team of kids to feed! Nevermind.) ;-)

6:36 PM  

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