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What Does A Former Prosecutor Think About the Ethics Charges Filed Against Mike Nifong?

A good start:

What burns me is that Nifong is giving prosecutors everywhere a horrible reputation. Every prosecutor I ever worked with, and those that I have dealt with since going into private practice have been straight as an arrow in ensuring that there was a fair trial. I may not have liked some of them for their unwillingness to compromise, but it was never done out of malice to the process or my client, but rather because of what they felt was right given the circumstances.

Hopefully the best outcome here is that Nifong, if for no other reason than to save what little face he has left, recuses himself due to the Ethics Complaint, and someone (perhaps the Governor or Attorney General, if they has that power in North Carolina under the applicable statutes) takes over as a special prosecutor and decides that there is no way these charges should have been filed in the first place, and drops them.

As an added benefit, the race hustlers have been shown once again to be racist to the bone. As with the Tawana Brawley case some years back, the fact that no crime occurred matters far less to them than the fact that the accuser is black and the accused are white.


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