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This Is the Impact Real Men Have on Other Men

A moment from the funeral of the hero of Virgina Tech, Liviu Lebrescu:

The funeral of slain Virginia Tech Professor Liviu Librescu, a Holocaust survivor who sacrificed himself to save his students during the brutal massacre at the US school earlier this week, took place in Ra'anana on Friday morning, attended by some 200 friends, family members, foreign diplomats and others who came to pay their respects.

Speaking at the ceremony, Librescu's son Joe lamented the questions he had never asked his father. "They're asking me today about your past, and I don't know what to tell them," he said. "I'm proud of you. I walk today with [my] head held high."

"Sometimes I didn't hear you, but my ears are now wide open to your legacy," he went on. "I'm doing my best, reaching to the moon - I know I can reach it because of you."

Librescu, a Holocaust survivor, would certainly have been excused for leaving the heroism to younger and abler men than himself. Yet he sacrificed his life that others might live.

And had he been a younger man, I have no doubt he would not have stopped with simply barring the door, but would have come at that murderous sonofabitch with fist, tooth, and nail if need be.

Men, learn from this fallen hero. His generation possessed many---nothing was seemingly more common than guts and cojones among the aptly-named Greatest Generation. Learn from him, as his son has.

And the next time some lunatic pops in for some video gamey fun, you'll send him to hell before he hurts anybody.

And above all, remember the name Liviu Librescu, the modern Leonidas, who barred evil's way with his own body and saved our sacred honor in the process.

May God bless him and the family he left behind.



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