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The Immoral Left-Wing Media

This about says it all:

What am I missing here?

Just minutes ago, as I write this afternoon, it was announced that NBC received a package from Cho Sueng-Li. Apparently he taped his own cd, a myface/youtube style documentary of himself waving his weapons and propounding on his socio-economic "reasons" for embarking on a mass slaughter rampage.

And NBC is going to air it, at least in part. Possibly different parts on different days. So we'll stay tuned and NBC's ratings will increase.

I refuse to watch it, so I'll report what NBC News President Steven Capus said. The material is "hard-to-follow...disturbing, very disturbing, very angry, profanity-laced." Other reports describe Cho's murderous verbal insanities as a "manifesto."

Let's see. Don Imus calls some young women "nappy headed hos" and we're all supposed be to shocked, shocked I tell you. Cho blows away 32 human lives and not only do we hear no condemnation of the vile person from the big media, but NBC is going to oblige the piece of human debris by airing his "manifesto." Democrat presidential contenders refuse to appear on a Fox Network debate, citing bias, but I guess it's okay for NBC is going to realize Cho's dreams of celebrity status at the expense of 32 lives.

Cho may have been a deranged psycho, but he was sharp as a scalpel when it came to playing NBC News for his personal patsy. Anything for a point in the ratings. I'm sure the families of the deceased will appreciate the Cho Show as much as they appreciate Capus's inevitable defense of freedom of speech and the public's right to know. Though I don't NBC will delete any of Cho's possible references to "nappy headed hos."

Remember this the next time a member of the Aqua Net Martyrs' Brigade tries to discuss the "professionalism" or the "ethics" of the media. It's all about the ratings, and if anybody else gets killed by some copycat psycho, all the better---they'll be there to cover that too.



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