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Hilyer Corrects the LWM

There's a reason why we don't call them "mainstream" round these here parts:

Point 1: You actually aren't in the American mainstream. The American mainstream is miles to the right of you politically, and in a different universe from you culturally.

Point 2: Religious faith is not a strange affliction; it's an essential component of (and an indicator of) a healthy outlook on life.

I've mentioned this before and will do so again:

In a year when Bill Clinton earned only 43% of American votes cast, 92% of the LWM voted for him according to a contemporary media survey. In 1996, Bill Clinton's numbers rose to 49% of American voters and 96% of LWM voters respectively. There is no Democrat voting block which voted in a more kneejerk lockstep fashion for their candidate than did the media.

Say what you will about that, but those are statistically significant results.



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