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Sanity Vs. Insanity

Once again, the mindless "tolerance" fetish of liberals nearly results in tragedy. I suppose they wouldn't mind if it did since it would only result in the murder of those knuckle-dragging soldiers and their war-enabling family members.

Hard to argue with this:

These days, any report of terrorist plots or actual attacks should be investigated for the possibility that those involved might be Muslim - for while not all Muslims are terrorists, most terrorist acts throughout the world are perpetrated by Muslims. How many Timothy McVeighs have there been in comparison with Muslim attackers? Also, much is being made of the fact that the suspects in the Fort Dix incident are not officially connected to any international terrorist organization. Is it supposed to make us feel better that small groups are taking it upon themselves to informally link to or simply emulate the likes of al-Qaeda in the name of Islamic jihad? We should be even more alarmed, as it is more difficult for federal agents to track independent groups than those taking direction from organizations they are already familiar with.

Well, that's simply ignorant: don't you know that it's pro-lifers and conservative talk radio hosts who are the REAL terrorists?

Sheesh. Get with the program.



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