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Why Atheists Abhor God

Two excellent vantage points:

A review of Christopher Hitchens' "God Is Not Great."

"Atheists Better Pray to God They're Right."

In a nutshell, atheists cannot abide morality in any form, preferring to indulge their vices to the fullest. I'm reminded of Ayn Rand, who famously (not to mention cold-bloodedly) informed her husband she would be taking a lover at a dinner party. And don't get me started on the sociopathic atheist Madalyn Murray O'Hair.

I occasionally run across atheists who try to make much ado over the hypocrisy of the religious sinner. It apparently never occurs to them that doing the wrong thing but saying the right thing is in all ways superior to doing the wrong thing while exhorting others to do it too.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, no we aren't all ammoral and evil, if I say so myself. The problem is precisely that people of your persuasion think we are, and thus never bother to find out if we really are or not.

It is always a mistake to theorise ahead of your facts, or, in your case, to condemn without investigation.

For what it is worth (I imagine not very much) I like to think that I can sort out the right thing to do without recourse to ancient books. This really doesn't even say that these ancient books are wrong, just that I do not need them, nor do I think them infallible. I don't see how this opinion makes me automatically liable to indulge in unbridled vice and immorality.

10:41 AM  
Blogger Teflon said...

If it's always a mistake to theorize ahead of your facts, you might want to reconsider your comment, vis-a-vis:

1) "to condemn without investigation" - how do you know I haven't "investigated"? I linked to at least two well-known amoral atheists in support of my original post, Ayn Rand and Madelyn Murray O'Hair, both heroes to modern atheists. By my count that's two more amoral atheists than you've produced moral atheists to counter.

2) "We aren't all amoral and evil..." This is the "all" or "none" game people play when they can't make an argument. Did I say "Every atheist is without exception amoral and/or evil?" No. Yet exceptions prove rules often enough, do they not? Please feel free to bring up the immorality of the Medici-era Popes; just expect me to ask you to explain the atheist Pol Pot in response. Arguing specific cases may not suit your side of the argument, however.

3. "I can sort out the right thing to do without recourse to ancient books." Really? Does your morality come then from books on Oprah's Book Club list then? Did I say that God is a creation of ancient books? It would be a curious position for a Catholic to hold, surely, given that "sola scriptura" is the obsession of Protestants. While we're discussing "investigation", have you investigated where your morals came from, precisely? Presuming you're as far from amoral or immoral as you say you are, it would be interesting indeed if your morality arose not from ancient custom nor ancient wisdom nor natural law (don't walk too far down that path; God's house is at the end of it) but was somehow wholly created through the interaction of your DNA with your id.

4. There is nothing "automatic" about it, which would be a curious thing for a Catholic such as myself to believe. We are not Calvinists. We have free will, the fact that religious faith serves as a willing bridle upon it is a salient point in favor of, not against, religion. Atheist societies have tended to replace the gentle bridle of faith with the harsh yoke of tyranny, but don't take my word for it---ask the surviving family members of those who made the mistake of crossing those wonderfully moral atheists such as Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh, Hitler, Castro, and the like. Do you think that their abhorrence of God might have contributed to the ease with which they slaughtered their countrymen? Do you believe that in the case of Stalin the gulags would have been as full had he remained an Orthodox clergyman?

9:24 AM  

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