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In the Tradition of Bambi Vs. Godzilla

...the LWM takes on the U.S. military:

The US military, the last bastion of credibility in the war, is now the primary target of the media and the enemies of the war. Almost like a plan. Not hatched as a coherent and complete arrangement in some dark, smoke filled room. No conspiracy is alleged. Rather, there is a certain momentum that is a product of groupthink. This confluence of widely-shared perceptions and attitudes has taken on a life of its own, the like-minded feeding off the ideas of others, then amplified in the media.

They smell blood in the water, and turn their attention to the military. Their reasoning is that if they can turn the American People against the military, then the war effort will become unsustainable. But they must be very careful in manipulating the story. They have learned their lesson from Viet Nam. The backlash from attacking the troops directly robbed them of much of their credibility. They will not make that mistake again.

The military, of course, will never make the mistake of trusting media girlymen again post-Vietnam, so my money's (always) on our folks in uniform.



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