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The Captain of HMS Titanic Warns Us We're Sailing Poorly

What's one to do when a 500-yr-old religious communion is falling to pieces because it no longer stands for anything?

Criticize the U.S., of course.

This simply proves that not only does Williams not know his theology; he doesn't know his history either.

Suggestion to Williams: Look up The War of Jenkins Ear sometime. It's the dumbest war ever fought, and memorably fought by those thoughtful British imperialists we Americans allegedly put to shame in our folly.

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Blogger Vigilis said...

Teflon, an excellent example!

I wonder what could have been the archbishop's motivation for such careless remarks.

I suspect that the archbishop's outreach to appease Muslims was an attempt to restore some of his splintered Anglican Communion to a semblance of their former church attendance.

Williams would probably have done better by reiterating the Church of England's position on anthropogenic Climate Change. The problem was he is probably as unsure as the rest of us exactly where Muslims stand on scientific fallacy.

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