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Sir Winston Churchill


Why I'm Not Worried About "The Golden Compass"

1. It's a big budget Hollywood movie. What was the last big budget Hollywood movie that didn't suck?

2. It's an atheist movie. What's the last atheist movie that didn't suck? "The Fountainhead" sucked, and sucked despite having Gary Cooper starring in a bid to stave off suckitude.

3. Things which suck are rarely influential. See any Jar-Jar Binks costumes this Halloween, anyone?

My advice is to let Hollywood waste all the money it wants to trying to proselytize our kids against God. It won't work and it diverts them from proselytizing our kids against America.

Besides, compared to what the American educational establishment spends to accomplish the same thing, it's a drop in the bucket. And at least Hollywood isn't picking my pocket to do it.



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