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Mister Bean's Big TV Gig

Mister Bean got his first big television break yesterday. His Mommy and Daddy are hoping that all the attention doesn't go to his head. Given that he slept through the whole thing (despite being shaken repeatedly by the ultrasound tech) it's unlikely he'll start to take it too seriously.

He likes to sleep on his tummy (facing Mommy's back) with his feet up by his head. Look at that long, straight, pretty spine!

And see those long fingers? Yup, those are Mommy's (and his great-grandma's, who is no doubt smiling down from heaven on her precious little boy).

Mommy was starting to think Bean looked like her until the tech finally got as close to a facial picture as he would let her -- he wouldn't roll over and he wouldn't wake up. But the mere 3/4 profile clearly shows: HE IS HIS DADDY'S "MINI ME". Spittin' image!

He strikes a very "thoughtful" pose, no? Perhaps he's already contemplating his takeover of the world? Whatever the case, Mommy is in deep, deep love with her boy. She just thinks he's beautiful. She can't stop staring at his pictures and thanking God that he is so healthy and happy in there, plotting the overthrow of Communism and the end of Liberal Socialism. Mommy can't wait to kiss his little face and nibble his little toes. She thinks he's the best Christmas present ever.


Blogger Martin said...

What great pictures! 15-20 years ago, back when my dear wife and I had ultrasounds done of our children in utero, the pictures were really fuzzy and unclear. "Oh look honey, I think that's his arm."

10:15 AM  
Blogger WordGirl said...

This is the newfangled "4D" technology. (That means we had to pay extra for it.) The regular ultrasound stuff is still pretty fuzzy and vague.

And you've unwittingly proven the "guy theorem", Martin. Tef sent these pics out to some co-workers and all the guys commented on how cool the technology was! The baby was mentioned, too... but the tech stuff was really the talk. TOO FUNNY! :-)

1:23 PM  

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