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So Now the Left BELIEVES the CIA and Its National Intelligence Estimates?

Why, of course---when it tells them what they want to hear.

The clowns at IAEA, of all people, are skeptical.

The real question is: is the NIE supported by any actual, you know, intelligence?

Based on the politicized, left-wing State Department cronies who produced it, the answer to that question is, "No."

My followup question, asked some time ago as well, is, "Has the Iranian Intelligence Service thoroughly penetrated the CIA analysis division?"

Skepticiam of the CIA's latest flipflop seems warranted.

Some get conspiratorial.

Some get rosy.

Some wish we had better national leadership. I count myself among these.

When that mushroom cloud appears over Israel and/or an American city, the folly of the Bush Administration will largely be to blame.

FDR had Harry Dexter White, a Communist agent, toadying for Uncle Joe Stalin at State and STILL managed to win WWII.

Bush has no excuse for not cleaning house in Langley and Foggy Bottom---as he swore he'd do---and less for his hapless, feckless, and cajone-less policy regarding our enemies in Tehran.

Will anyone avenge the dead of the Khobar Towers? Of the Beirut barracks? Of the U.S.S. Cole? Of the World Trade Center?



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